Shipping Schedule and Related Information
Updated September 30, 2015
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Two order cycles, one for Friday shipment and one for Tuesday shipment, are completed each week. Processing an order occurs in several steps over several days —

  • Step 1: An order round is automatically closed at 12:01am Tuesday/Thursday by the server. Stock requests are removed from the server later that day and processed into our database. Quotes are e-mailed for new requests on APSingle and POSingle account types. The paperwork needed to prepare and ship requests on APMulti and POMulti accounts and paid/PO'd requests on APSingle and POSingle accounts from previous order rounds is produced and distributed to stockkeepers
  • Step 2: Requested stocks are pulled from the constant temperature rooms and subcultured in plastic shipping vials (this happens over several days)
  • Step 3: Individual shipments are assembled and packaged on Monday for Tuesday shipment and Thursday for Friday shipment
  • Step 4: User Information Sheets are sent by e-mail
  • Step 5: Packages are transferred to campus mail services or are picked up by a courier service on Tuesday and Friday mornings
  • Step 6: Packages at campus mail services have postage applied and are transferred to the U.S. Postal Service for delivery to recipient
  • Additional stocks -- An order cycle is closed when Step 1 begins. Due to the significant amount of extra time it takes to repeat the processing steps for just a few stocks, we cannot process special requests for additional stocks to be added to an order after it is closed. All orders on the same account placed in the same cycle will automatically combine into a single order. If you have not yet paid (APSingle) or provided a Purchase Order (POSingle) for an existing APSingle or POSingle order you can place a new order for all of the stocks you need and simply allow your previous order to expire.
  • Combined orders -- All requests on a given BUN in a given cycle are automatically combined and shipped in a single package. Duplicate orders for the same stock are eliminated when orders are combined.
  • Stock information sheets -- Stock information sheets, which list the stocks that will be shipped to you, are sent by e-mail after flies have been packed for shipment. This e-mail is your notification that your order has been processed and your stocks will be in the mail within 24 hours. It also contains the information about each stock from our database. Please keep this e-mail message and the attached files for future reference.
  • Shipment tracking numbers -- Packages sent through the Postal Service do not have tracking numbers. Request courier shipment if you want a tracking number for your packages.
  • Missing stocks -- Sometimes stocks are not sent because they are too weak or the demand for a certain stock was too great for our supplies. Unsent stocks will not appear on your user information sheets and you will not be charged for those stocks (a credit will be issued if you paid in advance). If your group still needs a stock that was not sent, please wait a few days and order it again from our website.
  • Dead stocks -- If you receive vials that have no living adults or larvae, please wait a few days to see if any eggs survived. If you still have no larvae after a few days, order the stocks again from our website as "DOA" (Dead on Arrival). To order flies as DOA, use the regular order form but change the menu that reads "New Order" by default to "Dead on Arrival". DOA requests must be made within one month of the original shipping date, or arrangements made within one month for a later shipping date if weather is an issue. Timely DOA orders will not be charged for stocks or handling a second time, but will be charged for postage that exceeds $5. Stocks that do not survive shipment will be replaced at reduced or no cost only once. We charge the normal fees for additional shipments.We recommend that you avoid ordering stocks for winter shipment (December, January and February) if the additional cost of multiple shipping losses would be a problem for you. It is not necessary to contact us in advance about DOA orders.
  • Missing shipments -- If you do not receive your shipment after one (USA) or two (international) weeks from the time the user information sheets are sent, please order the stocks again from our website as "DOA" (Dead on Arrival). International shipments may be delayed at points of entry. Contacting your country's Customs office may be necessary if this is a recurring problem. For additional information about DOA orders, please refer to the “Dead stocks” section, above.
  • Holidays -- When Monday is a U.S. holiday shipment is typically set back to Wednesday. When Thursday is a U.S. holiday shipment is typically set back to the following Tuesday. We do not ship during the second half of December (due to the extremely high loss rate of flies put into the holiday mail crunch). December shipping schedules are posted in advance in News and Announcements.
  • Stock phenotypes -- User feedback is a crucial source of information about genotypic problems with our stocks. If the phenotype of a stock you receive is not consistent with the genotype please contact us with the relevant information.
  • Mites -- Although mites are a rare occurance in our stocks, we cannot guarantee that the subcultures you receive will be mite-free. If you find mites in a stock you receive from us please contact us immediately with the stock number(s).