What the Center Provides and How
Updated February 6, 2017
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We distribute small subcultures of stocks for you to expand as needed. We cannot promise viable adults in the cultures you receive (larvae are hardier than adults and are more likely to survive the trip) and we cannot provide larger numbers of adults or multiple cultures (much less virgins!). If you aren't able to establish a stock from the subculture we ship, reorder the stock using the 'Dead on Arrival' option on the order form and we will replace it once without an additional charge for the stocks (you will be charged for the postage).

We handle a very large number of requests each week. To maintain reasonable efficiency (and perhaps our sanity) we must be able to handle requests in our standard batch mode (see Shipping Schedule for details). We cannot accommodate rush requests or requests for shipments during scheduled closings (the last two to three weeks of the year; specific dates are announced in advance in News and Announcements).

Stocks are shipped through the U.S. Postal Service. Shipments of 18 or fewer stocks to a U.S. address are sent as First Class mail. Shipments of more than 14 stocks to a U.S. address are sent as Priority Mail. Shipments outside the U.S. are sent as First-Class Package International Service (up to 73 stocks) or Priority International Mail (>73 stocks). Courier shipments are available upon request. Domestic shipments of over 430 stocks or international shipments greater than 200 stocks will be sent in multiple boxes.

While we expect our customers to take the current weather conditions into account when ordering stocks, we understand that not all shipments can be timed so carefully. You may request that your shipment be insulated if you believe that this will improve survival rates of stocks traveling in extremely hot or cold weather. There is no additional charge for this insulation.