How to Identify Stocks of Interest
Updated March 30, 2007
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Search the complete list
Stocks can be identified by searching or browsing. If you are looking for a particular allele, aberration or transposon insertion and you know its valid symbol, a search of the stock list is the quickest route to the current Stock Record available from FlyBase. Help with formatting your search is available from the search page. Note, however, that stock center data are no longer updated on FlyBase independent of other FlyBase data. The stock list posted in csv format on the Bloomington web site is currently the only source of completely up-to-date stock data. Download this file and use it locally for the most current information. The Google® search on the Bloomington homepage searches all pages and files on the Bloomington web site, including this csv file of the complete stock list.

Browse defined sublists
We provide many predefined sublists that allow you to view stock records based on functional criteria of selected stock components. If, for example, you are looking for a class of chromosome, such as deficiencies for 25A, or P{} insertions in 67C, or third chromosome balancers that are red-, browsing lists are provided that allow you to quickly view the available options.

Follow links from FlyBase Allele, Aberration or Transgene Insertion reports
If you need additional information about a gene, allele, aberration or transgene insertion to identify stocks of interest, use the relevant search or browsing options in FlyBase to reach Allele, Aberration or Transgene Insertion reports. Because the presence of stock links in these reports depend on full FlyBase updates, stocks added to the collection after the most recent FlyBase update will not be included in these reports.

For example, if you want an amorphic (null) allele of Notch but don't know which N alleles are amorphic, you can find this information in the FlyBase gene report for Notch. Use the FlyBase Genes search form to retrieve the gene record. The allele table lists all of the alleles known to FlyBase, class (null, hypomorph, etc.) and phenotype information when available and a column indicating availability in stock from one of the public stock centers. If stocks are available the stock information is included in the Stocks subsection of the Gene Report (links appear on the results page under Stocks and in the Gene Report sidebar), and in the individual allele records. If Bloomington has a stock you want to request you can either place your order directly from the FlyBase Stock record or note the stock number and order later directly through the Bloomington Order Form.

There is a lag of up to several months between the time new stocks appear in the Bloomington stock list and links to those stocks from FlyBase Allele, Aberration or Transgene Insertion reports become public. Therefore, a direct search of the stock list or use of the browsing files provided by Bloomington is preferable when the most current information is needed and the additional information FlyBase provides is not necessary.