Ordering Stocks from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Updated March 27, 2015
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Step-by-Step Instructions

1.a. Starting from the Bloomington Order Form
Enter your Bloomington User Number (BUN) or the last name (use only the last, or family, name) of the group leader to whom your BUN is registered and submit the form (click Submit or press the Enter key). Stocks will be sent to this address. Check that the name and address shown are yours!

1.b. Starting from a FlyBase Stock Record (for example, 1635)
Click on the stock number. A Bloomington Stock Report will be displayed. Click the "Open a Stock Order Form" button. Enter your Bloomington User Number (BUN) or the last name (use only the last, or family, name) of the group leader to whom your BUN is registered and submit the form (click Submit or press the Enter key). Stocks will be sent to this address. Check that the name and address shown are yours!

2. If you entered a BUN or a name that happens to be unique in step 1 then select your name from the resulting list and submit the form. If a list of group leaders with the same last name is displayed, select your group leader from the list, submit the form, then select your name from the next list and submit the form. If you are the only user of your BUN and we have an e-mail address for you your name is automatically selected and the order form is displayed. Stocks will be sent to this address. Check that the name and address shown are yours!

3. If we don't have an e-mail address on file for you a page asking for that information will be displayed (we do not share our e-mail list). Enter your e-mail address and submit the form.

4. The order form will now be displayed. Check the mailing and e-mail address information and be sure that it is correct.

5. Your Account Type is shown under your name and address. See the Accounts page for account type options.

6. Leave the New Order menu as it is if you are placing a new order. If you are reordering stocks that arrived dead select Dead on Arrival. Do not mix requests for new stocks and reshipped stocks. If you need both replacements and new stocks, please submit a separate form for each category. Orders for reships must be placed as soon as you receive dead cultures and no later than one month from the original ship date.

7. The form provides two options for specifying the stocks being ordered: a type-in/paste-in box and a file-upload option. In additions, links are provided to lists of stock numbers that make up predefined sets. These numbers can be copied and pasted into the order form. Follow the link to the section you want to use, or scroll to that section. You may combine stocks in a single order using both sections of the form.

  • Type-in/paste-in section
    Type the stock numbers you want, or paste them in from a database, spreadsheet or word-processing application. Use only the integer form of the stock number. Separate numbers with a space, a comma, a semicolon or a line return.
  • Lists of predefined sets
    Open the link to Bloomington Predefined Sets (this link will automatically open in a new browser window). Identify a set you want to order, open the link in the Set Stock Numbers (or Subset) column (the blue columns) for that set, copy the numbers provided, return to the order form and paste the set numbers into the order form.
  • File upload
    If you have created a file of stock numbers on your computer you can use this section to load the data into the order form. Type in the path to the file or use the browse button to select it. The file must be in plain text format and it must contain only valid stock numbers; see Stock Number Formats. Uploaded stocks will be included in the Preview page.

8. Preview your request

  • Preview Page (Print the Preview page to keep a detailed record of your order)
    If all of the stock numbers you included on the form or in an uploaded file are valid and unrestricted, a Preview page will be displayed. The Preview page includes the address to which the stocks will be mailed (be sure this is yours!), the BUN account that will be charged for the stocks, your e-mail address and a list of the requested stocks. The genotypes of all stocks you ordered are included. Check that the address and billing information is correct and that the genotypes are what you expected. You can add or delete stocks by using the Return to Form button and making corrections (if you return to the form you will need to reload any uploaded files). If the address we have on file for you is wrong, please ask us to correct it before you place an order (e-mail a Change of BUN Address if your group has a new address; use Add Me to the List to change your BUN affiliation). 
  • Restricted-use Stocks
    Deficiency and insertion lines generated and donated by Exelixis, Inc., have some restrictions on license-free use. You must agree to the conditions of distribution to place an order for any of these stocks. If a restricted-use stock number is included in your order a consent form will appear on the screen before the Preview Page is presented. The relevant stock numbers appear at the top of the page in red. Click Accept to agree to the conditions and proceed with your order. Click Reject to return to the order form, where you can removed the restricted stocks from your order.
  • E-mail option
    Print the Preview page if you want a detailed record of your order. If a brief summary is all you need (BUN, Name, E-mail, Order type, Stock numbers) use the e-mail option to send the summary to yourself. You may need to adjust your mail configurations to make this option work for you.
  • Error Message
    If you have requested numbers that do not correspond to currently available Bloomington stocks, selecting Preview from the order form will display an error message that lists the invalid numbers. Use the Return to Form button, remove the offending numbers and click Preview again. If you have uploaded a file with invalid numbers you will need to correct the file and then upload it again.

9. Submit your request
The order data you have submitted is added to a file on our server and a confirmation screen is displayed ("Your request has been submitted to the Bloomington Stock Center. No other confirmation will be sent."; if you do not reach this confirmation screen you have not completed the ordering process). Stock requests are processed in bulk twice a week (see Shipping Schedule); the order rounds close at 12:01am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Requests submitted to our server between 12:01am Tuesday and 12:01am Thursday are processed on Thursday for shipment the following Tuesday. Requests submitted to our server between 12:01am Thursday and 12:01am Tuesday are processed on Tuesday for shipment the following Friday. All orders received in the same round on the same BUN will automatically be combined into one shipment. Multiple requests for the same stock number on the same BUN in the same order round will automatically be reduced to one copy of the stock.

If your account type is APSingle or POSingle you will receive a quote for your order on the day it is processed (Tuesday or Thursday). Your stocks will ship with the next available order round after we receive payment (APSingle) or your Purchase Order (POSingle). If your account type is APMulti or POMulti your order will ship with the round in which it is processed. If your account type is shown as "POMulti-InProg" we have not yet received your blanket Purchase Order; your request will be held for up to 6 months until we receive your Purchase Order. If your account type is shown as APMulti-InProg you have requested an APMulti account but we have not yet received funds to finalize your account. Your request will be held for up to 6 months until your payment is received. POMulti-InProg and APMulti-InProg orders will be canceled after 6 months in hold.