Add or Update Account Users
Updated February 21, 2017
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green bulletIf you are not yet a registered user of the BDSC —
Use this form to have your name added to the list of group members associated with a Bloomington User Number (BUN)
green bulletIf you are a registered user of an account —
Use this form to have your name moved from the account you are on now to a new one
green bulletIf your name or email address is misspelled in our records or otherwise incorrect —
Use this form to provide us with corrections
New user or change of account number (BUN)?

Select the appropriate option.
Select honorific (optional)

Select the appropriate option.
First name  
Middle name (optional)  
Last name Last Name in our database is your family name.
Your account number (BUN) Request a BDSC account if you are a group leader and do not yet have an account.
Your PI/Group Leader Enter the first and last name of your group leader or account-holder.
Your Email address Enter your email address (must be unique).
BDSC Newsletter (optional)
  Submit the form.
  - Contact us to change the mailing address for your account.
  - See Remove Name to delete a group member.
  - See Add a Delegate to add or change an account delegate.