Stock, Handling and Postage Fee Notes 2017
Updated December 22, 2016
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Subsidized Price per stock
BDSC stocks are $17 each. The per-stock price is discounted for numbers of stocks above the discount thresholds: the 6th through the 100th stock ordered for shipment in 2016 are $7 each, and stocks over 100 ordered for shipment in 2016 are $3.50 each. The number of stocks ordered is cumulative through the calendar year and need not be ordered all at once to obtain the discounted price.  
Handling fees
A BDSC handling fee is charged for each shipment of stocks based on destination:
  Domestic shipment $3
  International shipment $5
Postage will be charged using the values in the provided tables, which are based on the average weight of a given number of stocks and the Postal Service rates for each destination. Orders of more than 200 stocks to international destinations will be shipped in multiple boxes. Package weights were resampled and found to be heavier on average than our previous estimates. The 2017 postage tables have been adjusted accordingly.  
Your fees are subsidized by the US government
Grant funding from the U.S. National Institutes of Health cover ~25% of the cost of BDSC services. User fees must cover the remaining costs of the collection.