phiC31 Integration System Components
Updated April 25, 2017
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Links to lists of stocks for use in phiC31-mediated integration can be found below.
Primary references:
P{CaryP} insertions: Groth et al. 2004 and Szabad et al. 2012
PBac{y[+]-attP} insertions: Venken et al. 2006
M{3xP3-RFP.attP}, M{vas-int.B} and P{nos-phiC31\int.NLS} insertions: Bischof et al. 2007 (see FlyC31 for additional information the phiC31 integrase system)
M{vas-int.Dm} insertions: K. Basler and F. Karch, FlyC31
P{attP.w[+].attP} insertions for Recombinase-Mediated Cassette Exchange (RMCE): Bateman & Wu, 2008, Sun et al., 2012

   phiC31 integrase stocks

   phiC31 attP-bearing stocks

   phiC31 stocks for RCME