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Mitotic recombination stocks

These stocks can be used in experiments to monitor induced or spontaneous mitotic recombination. They contain mutations or chromosomal duplications that change the color or morphology of cuticular structures derived from imaginal disks.

As shown in the figure, mitotic clones can be detected when recessive marker mutations are made homozygous by somatic recombination.


These stocks provide recessive mutations on each arm of the second and third chromosomes that change bristle morphology.


Both twin spots can be revealed by marking a chromosome with a recessive marker and a duplicated gene as shown below.  


These stocks carry the following transgene insertions or chromosomal duplications to rescue loss-of-function mutations affecting bristle morphology or color.

Duplicated gene
Transgene insertion or chromosomal duplication

Note that both chromosomes of the reciprocal translocation T(1;2)sc[S2] must be present for flies to survive. We suggest you review previous experiments that have used it before undertaking experiments.

Some stocks have markers for assaying recombination on multiple arms simultaneously.

Arm Stk # Genotype
2L 2180 f[36a]; P{w[+mC] f[+t13]=f[+]13}37C/CyO
2L & 2R 2202 f[36a]; P{w[+mC] f[+t13]=f[+]13}30B ck[13] pr[1] pwn[1]/CyO
2L & 2R 6329 y[1]; Dp(1;2)sc[19], ck[13] pr[1] pwn[1]/CyO
2R 2191 f[36a]; P{w[+mC] f[+t13]=f[+]13}44C/CyO
2R 2206 f[36a]; pr[1] pwn[1] P{w[+mC] f[+t13]=f[+]13}44C P{w[+mC] f[+t13]=f[+]13}47B/CyO
2R 3333 T(1;2)sc[S2], y[+] sc[S2]: cn[1] M(2)53[1]/+; CyO
2R 6327 T(1;2)sc[S2], sc[S2] pwn[1]/In(2LR)Gla, wg[Gla-1]
2R & 3L 1146 pwn[1] en[1]/CyO; mwh[1] jv[1]/TM6B, Tb[1]
2R & 3L 4364 f[36a]; pr[1] pwn[1]/CyO; M(3)65F[1] P{w[+mC] f[+t13]=f[+]13}77A/TM2
2R, 3L & 3R 1129 w[1118]; al[1] dpy[ov1] pwn[1]/CyO; mwh[1] bald[1]/TM2
3L 549 mwh[1]
3L 769 Df(1)sc[8], sc[8] w[a]; Dp(1;3)sc[J4]
3L 1132 flr[1]/TM2
3L 1135 ru[1] jv[1] trc[1] ca[1]/TM3, Ser[1]
3L 1645 y[1]; Dp(1;3)sc[J4], y[+] bald[1] Sb[63b]/TM2
3L 2216 f[36a]; Df(2R)en[E], inv[E] en[E]/CyO; mwh[1] jv[1] P{w[+mC] f[+t13]=f[+]13}77A/TM2
3L 2218 y[1] f[36a]; P{w[+mC] f[+t13]=f[+]13}77A/TM3, Sb[1] Ser[1]
3L 2230 f[36a]; mwh[1] jv[1] P{w[+mC] f[+t13]=f[+]13}77A/TM2
3L 2371 flr[3]/TM3, Ser[1]
3L 2902 y[1]; Dp(1;3)sc[J4], y[+] flr[1]/TM1
3L 6330 y[1]; Dp(1;3)sc[J4], y[+], RpS17[4]/TM1
3L 6348 Df(1)sc[8], w[a]/C(1)M3, y[2]; Dp(1;3)sc[J4], y[+], jv[1]
3L & 3R 1130 y[1]; mwh[1] bald[1] Sb[63b]/TM2
3R 523 jvl[1]
3R 2228 f[36a]; P{w[+mC] f[+t13]=f[+]13}87D/TM3, Sb[1]
X 3374 Dp(3;1)mwh[+]/C(1)RM, y[1]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; pal[1]/SM1; mwh[1]; sv[spa-pol]