lacO and lacI Stocks at Bloomington
Updated October 31, 2008
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Fluorescently tagged lacI proteins bind lacO sites carried on transgenic insertions to tag specific chromosomal sites in live cells. The constructs in the following stocks were described in Vazquez et al. (2001) and Vazquez et al. (2002).
  Stock # Genotype
1 25371 w[*]; P{lacO.256x}60F
2 25372 y[1] w[*]; P{UAS-GFP.lacI}1.2, P{GAL4-Hsp70.sev}2
3 25375 w[*]; P{lacO.256x}57A P{lacO.256x}60AB/CyO
4 25376 w[*]; P{Hsp83-GFP.lacI}2
5 25377 w[*]; P{Hsp83-GFP.lacI}2, P{His2Av-mRFP1}II.1
6 25378 w[*]; P{GAL4-nos.NGT}40 P{lacO.256x}43 P{lacO.256x}50F P{lacO.256x}57A P{lacO.256x}60AB/CyO; P{UAS-GFP.lacI}1.2/TM3, Sb[1]