DrosDel Project Starter Set
Updated October 17, 2013
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The following stocks donated by the DrosDel Project are useful for creating FLP recombinase-mediated deletions between insertions of the FRT-bearing constructs P{RS5} and P{RS3}. In these stocks, various chromosomes have been substituted into the genetic background of stock 5905.
Stock #
1 w[1118]
2 FM7j
3 w[1118]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; noc[Sco]/SM6a
4 w[1118]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; TM2/TM6C, Sb[1]
5 y[1] w[1118] P{70FLP}3F
6 y[1] w[1118] P{70FLP}3F/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; noc[Sco]/SM6a
7 y[1] w[1118] P{70FLP}3F/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; TM2/TM6C, Sb
w[1118]; noc[Sco]/SM6b, P{70FLP}7
9 P{RS3}l(1)CB-6411-3[1], w[1118]/FM7h
10 w[1118]/Dp(1;Y)y[+], P{RS3}CB-0560-3
11 w[1118]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; noc[Sco]/SM6a, P{RS3}CB-0100-3
12 w[1118]/Dp(1;Y)y[+], P{RS5}5-HA-2484
13 w[1118]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; noc[Sco]/SM6a, P{RS5}5-HA-1026
14 w[1118]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; ry[506] Dr[1] P{Delta2-3}99B/TM6C, Sb[1]
15 w[1118]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; In(2LR)Gla/CyO