piggyBac Transposable Element Insertions
Updated January 9, 2016
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Lists of PBac-based insertions selected by the Gene Disruption Project (GDP) can be found under the links below. For most insertions mapped to the sequence, the cytology is estimated using the FlyBase Cytological<==>Sequence map conversion table.

       PBac Insertions
Chromosome 1 2L 2R 3L 3R 4

Please read this caution about insertion phenotype data.

General Information

Schematics for these insertions can be found at the GDP website.

Primary references:

PBac{PB}, PBac{WH} and PBac{RB}, Thibault et al., 2004 (Some restrictions apply.)
PBac{5HPw[+]} and PBac{3HPy[+]}, Ring 2001
PBac{GAL4D,EYFP}, Hacker et al. 2003

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