Exelixis Insertions
Updated January 9, 2016
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Lists of insertions made by Exelixis and selected by the Gene Disruption Project (GDP) can be found under the links below. For most insertions mapped to the sequence, the cytology is estimated using the FlyBase Cytological<==>Sequence map conversion table.

       Exelixis Insertions
Chromosome All 1 (X) 2 3 4

Please note - some restrictions apply to the distribution and use of transposon insertion lines from Exelixis. Commercial researchers must obtain a use license from Exelixis to work with these stocks.

Please read this caution about insertion phenotype data.

General Information

- Background stocks for the Exelixis collection can be found here. Exelixis X chromosome insertions may be in a different background from the rest of the collection. Read here for details.

- Additional insertions can be found at the Exelixis collection at Harvard.

- P{XP}, PBac{WH} and PBac{RB} insertions carry FRT sequences and may be used to generate chromosomal deletions. See Generating Deletions from Exelixis Insertions for details.

- Schematics for these insertions can be found at the GDP website and here.

- iPCR protocols with primers can be downloaded here: genomic DNA prep; iPCR for PBac{}, iPCR for P{XP}.

- An Excel file depicting the positions of Exelixis insertions relative to sequence-mapped genes can be downloaded here.

Primary reference

Thibault et al., 2004 (insertions listed in Supplementary Table 2 are at Bloomington; insertions listed in Supplementary Table 3 are at Harvard Medical School).

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