GAL4 lines at Bloomington
Updated August 5, 2015
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Links to lists and sublists of GAL4 insertions known to be useful drivers of UAS-mediated expression can be found below.

The GAL4 expression pattern information included in these lists is typically that provided by the donor of the stock. This information is not actively curated by the Stock Center; it may not adhere to FlyBase anatomy nomenclature and it may be incomplete or out of date.
All Janelia lines
Janelia lines for genes A thru C Rab GAL4 lines
All GAL4 lines
Janelia lines for genes D thru M
GAL4 genes A thru C
Trojan GAL4 lines
Janelia lines for genes N thru Z
GAL4 genes D thru M
split GAL4
GAL4 gene N thru Z
GAL4 ligand sensors
GAL4 lines with no associated gene
GAL4 GeneSwitch lines
All non-Janelia GAL4 lines
GAL4 driven by chemosensory genes
CoinFLP for making GAL4 and lexA clones