Duplications at Bloomington
Updated January 6, 2016
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Lists of duplications available at Bloomington can be found under the links below. See this brief description of duplication lists and uses for more information on some subsets of duplications.
Y-linked X duplication from the BSC
All molecularly-defined X duplications X dups generated by transgenics methods by the Duplication Consortium
All molecularly-defined Chr 2 duplications X chr duplication kit
All molecularly-defined Chr 3 duplications
All molecularly-defined Chr 4 duplications
All cytologically-defined X duplications
All cytologically-defined Chr 2 duplicationd
All cytologically-defined Chr 3 duplicationd
All cytologically-defined Chr 4 duplicationd
Cambridge interchromosomal duplication kit for Chr 2
All intrachromosomal duplications
Cambridge interchromosomal duplication kit for Chr 3