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Updated October 2, 2017
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BDSC Stock List Download the entire current stock list in spreadsheet format for local browsing.
Human Disease Models Stocks that can be used to study a variety of human diseases as well as human health-related subjects such as metabolism and genes and pathways associated with these processes.
Deficiencies Links to all deficiencies available from Bloomington.
Deficiency kit The subset of deficiencies that make up the Bloomington Deficiency Kit.
Deficiency subset - Zinn A subset of deficiencies defined by the Zinn lab for screening homozygous embryos.
DrosDel deficiencies
  DrosDel Starter Set
Molecularly defined deficiences from the DrosDel Project and stocks used to create FLP recombinase-mediated deletions between insertions of the FRT-bearing constructs P{RS5} and P{RS3}.
BSC & Exelixis deficiencies
  Exelixis Starter Set
Molecularly defined deficiences from BDSC and Exelixis, Inc., and stocks for making new deficiencies from Exelexis insertions.
Duplications Links to all available molecularly and cytologically defined duplications.
All Transposon Insertions All insertion collection lines at Bloomington, sorted by location.
Gene Disruption Project Insertions All insertions at Bloomington that were accessioned through the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project or the Gene Disruption Project's insertion selection pipeline.
Exelixis Insertions P{} and PBac{} insertions generated by Exelixis, sorted by insertion site sequence coordinates.
Protein-Trap insertions FlyTrap, MiMIC-RMCE and Mi{Hto} fluorescent protein trap insertions.
Potential Misexpression Insertions All P{EP}, P{EPg}, P{EPgy2}, P{Mae-UAS.6.11}, P{XP} and PBac{WH} insertions at Bloomington.
piggyBac insertions All PBac{} insertions at Bloomington.
Minos insertions All Mi{} insertions at Bloomington.
InSITE insertions All InSITE insertions at Bloomington.
Hostile takeover insertions All Mi{Hto} insertions at Bloomington.
RMCE donors for InSITEs Lines carrying donor cassettes for Recombination-Mediated Cassette Exchange with InSITE insertions.
RMCE donors for MiMICs Lines carrying donor cassettes for Recombination-Mediated Cassette Exchange with MiMIC insertions.
Genetic reference panel lines (DGRP) Sequenced inbred wild-type lines from Raleigh, NC population (Mackay, Richards & Gibbs).
Malawi lines Sequenced chromosomes extracted from a Malawi population in laboratory stock backgrounds, from the Langley lab.
Isogenized chromosomes Selected stocks with one or more isogenic chromosomes.
Wild-type stocks All wild-type stocks at Bloomington.
Sleep Inbred Panel lines Recombinant inbred lines selected for either short or long sleep duration
Wolbachia-carrying All stocks at Bloomington carrying a defined strain of Wolbachia.
Some stocks in the above lists can be ordered as PREDEFINED SETS
All balancer chromsomes at Bloomington plus selected double-balancer stocks, the definitions of balancer symbols used in Bloomington genotypes, and the cytological order of balancer rearrangements.
Attached-X stocks
An overview of attached (compound)-X stocks with links to a curated list of attached-X variants with stocks and a complete list of attached-X stocks.
Special-purpose Y chromosomes
Stocks carrying Y chromosomes with visible markers or useful transgenes.
Dominant steriles and lethals
Stocks for maintaining dominant sterile and dominant lethal mutations. See Dominant Female Sterile technique for "ovo[D]" stocks
DTS lethals Selected stocks with dominant temperature-sensitive lethals, including balancers.
RNAi RNAi insertions at Bloomington. All RNAi subsets are accessible from this page.
mir sponge lines Lines carrying UAS constructs for knocking down microRNA expression.
EMS X lethals X chromosome lethals induced with low concentrations of EMS, from the Bellen lab.
mir gene mutations mir gene knockouts, most are from Steve Cohen and colleagues
GAL4 The main GAL4 stock page at Bloomington. All GAL4 subsets are accessible from this page.
GAL80 GAL80 insertions at Bloomington
lexA All lexA and related stocks at Bloomington.
Q system All QUAS, QF and QS insertions at Bloomington.
Split transcriptional activators 'Split' transcriptional activators based on the DNA binding or activation domains of regulators like GAL4, lexA, QF and p65. See also the page for Janelia split GAL4 combination stocks. To further refine patterns, see the Killer Zipper page.
UAS UAS insertions at Bloomington. All UAS subsets are accessible from this page.
Pfeiffer UAS & lexAop UAS & lexAop regulated transgenes with varying numbers of repeats driving fluors or GAL80 from Pfeiffer et al., 2010.
MARCM MARCM lines for mosaic analysis from the Luo lab.
FLP/FRT and other recombinases Links to lists of FLP/FRT stocks as well as stocks utilizing other recombinase systems.
Germline clonal analysis Stocks for assessing gene function in the female germ line by clonal analysis using "ovo[D]" stocks.
Mitotic recombination stocks Stocks for detecting induced or spontaneous mitotic recombination via cuticular phenotypes.
GFP and other fluors GFP, CFP, RFP, YFP and DsRed stocks at Bloomington including stocks with UAS constructs.
Protein-Trap insertions FlyTrap, MiMIC-RMCE and Mi{Hto} fluorescent protein trap insertions..
G-TRACE and i-TRACE Lines for cell lineage analysis.
Raeppli Lines for cell lineage analysis.
TIE-DYE Line for cell lineage analysis.
MultiColor FlpOut Lines for cell lineage analysis.
Lineage filtering Restricted expression through patterned recombination.
Twin spot MARCM Stocks for marking both sister clones following a mitotic recombination event.
Fly-FUCCI Fluorescent ubiquitination-based cell cycle indicators.
STaR Lines for specifically marking pre- and/or post-synaptic terminals.
Tomato/GFP-FLP/FRT Stocks for making marked photoreceptor clones.
GrabFP Stocks expressing anti-GFP antibodies for localization of GFP and GFP-tagged proteins to particular cellular compartments.
deGradFP Stocks for eliminating GFP-tagged proteins.
iGFPi Stocks for RNAi of mRNAs with GFP sequences by the in vivo GFP interference (iGFPi) method.
Calcium sensors Fluorescent or transcription-based reporters of intracellular Ca[2+] for reporting calcium-dependent neuronal activity.
Redox sensors Stocks carrying a redox-sensitive GFP for determining redox conditions in mitochondria or the cytoplasm.
Chemical tags Lines carrying CLIP, SNAP, Halo and TMP tags for labeling subcellular compartments.
Ubiquitination tags Lines carrying ubiquitin with biotinylation motifs and biotin ligase for isolating ubiquitinated proteins.
Histone mutations Lines carrying three tandem copies of the histone repeat (His1, His2A, His2B, His3 and His4) with modifications made to particular histone genes.
GFP-lacI and lacO Target GFP to specific chromosomal sites in live cells.
Segregation Distorter Lines with components of the SD meiotic drive system.
Sex-biased broods Stocks for recovering mostly male or female progeny using the SD system.
Sexing embryos Distinguishing female from male embryos with GFP.
Virus detection Stocks for detection of viral infection.
CRISPR stocks Stocks for site-specific mutagenesis.
guide RNA stocks Stocks expressing guide RNAs for Cas9-dependent overexpression and knockout.
TRiP CRISPR toolbox stocks Stocks for facilitating overexpression and knockout of genes via Cas9.
phiC31 components All stocks with components of the phiC31 integration system.
Mapping stocks A selection of stocks for mapping, including SNP lines.
Baylor P{} Mapping Kits Predefined sets of P-insertion lines for mapping point mutations (Zhai et al., 2003).
TE mutagenesis stocks Selected stocks for P, H, PBac and Mi transposable element mutagenesis and info on increasing excision frequency using Blm mutations.
Zinc-finger nuclease stocks Stocks for creating double-stranded breaks in y or ry using Zn-finger nucleases.
P repression stocks Stocks for studying repression of P element transposition
Gene KO stocks Stocks used for targeted gene knock-out.
RNA isolation stocks Stocks for isolating RNA from specific cells.
Stocks for making cell lines Stocks for generating cell lines using activated Ras85D.
Gynandromorphs Stocks for generating gynandromorphs.
Sxl, tra and snf Notes from Tom Cline on the use of Sxl, tra and snf stocks generated in his lab.
Compound autosomes Stocks carrying compound autosomes (use to detect primary non-disjunction in females).
Translocations An overview of translocations with lists of stocks.
Transpositions An overview of transpositions with lists of stocks.
Variegating rearrangements Stocks carrying chromosomal rearrangements that result in variegated gene expression.
Segmentation lab Y. Hiromi stocks for labs on early development.
Natural selection lab M. Noor stocks for a lab on natural selection and hitchhiking.
Stocks to be Discarded Lists of stocks slated for removal from the collection are posted here for at least 6 weeks prior to discard.