Variegating rearrangements
Updated October 20, 2016
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These stocks carry chromosomal rearrangements that juxtapose euchromatin and heterochromatin and show variegated expression of the white gene, the brown gene or other genes.

In some of these stocks, variegated gene expression is suppressed by the presence of known Su(var) mutations. In other stocks, variegated expression has become suppressed from the accumulation of unknown modifiers. It is often necessary to cross variegating rearrangements into different genetic backgrounds to see robust variegated gene expression.

Rearrangements causing variegated expression of the white gene

The most commonly used rearrangement causing variegation of white is In(1)w[m4]. Stocks with In(1)w[m4] are shown here. Stocks with other w-variegating rearrangements are shown in the table below.

  Symbol Stk # Genotype
1 Dp(1;3)w[vco] 735 Df(1)w258-48, y[1] sc[5] N[spl-1]/C(1)DX, y[1] f[1]; Dp(1;3)w[vco]/+
2 T(1;4)w[m5] 850 T(1;4)w[m5]/Dp(2;4)ey[D], Alp[eyD]: ey[D]
3 T(1;4)w[m258-21] 852 T(1;4)w[m258-21], y[1] w[a]/FM4
4 Dp(1;3)w[vco] 1527 Df(1)w258-45, y[1]/Y/C(1)DX, y[1] w[1] f[1]; Dp(1;3)w[vco]
5 In(1)w[vC] 3964 In(1)dl-49, y[1] ac[Hw-1] m[2] g[4] f[5]/R(1)2, In(1)w[vC]
6 Ts(1Lt;4Lt)w[m5] 4059 Dp(1;1)Co, y[2] w[a]/Ts(1Rt;4Rt)w[258-21]; Ts(1Lt;4Lt)w[m5]/ci[1] ey[R]
7 In(1)w[vC] 4077 R(1)2, In(1)w[vC], f[1]/C(1)DX, y[1] f[1]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]
8 Dp(1;3)w[vco] 4664 l(1)2Fb[3]/C(1)DX, y[1] w[1] f[1]; Dp(1;3)w[vco]/+
9 Dp(1;3)w[m76] 9144 y[1] crm[sa2] sn[3]; Dp(1;3)w[m76]

Rearrangements causing variegated expression of the brown gene

The brown-variegating rearrangement Dp(?;2)bw[D] is present in many stocks. A list is provided here. Stocks with other bw-variegating rearrangements are shown in the table below.

  Symbol Stk # Genotype
1 In(2LR)bw[V1] 224 Df(2R)cn87e/In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] b[1] bw[V1]
2 In(2LR)bw[V1] 326 In(2L)t, l(2)a[1] bs[3]/In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] bw[V1]
3 In(2R)bw[V34k] 341 M(2)31A[3]/In(2L)Cy, In(2R)Cy, In(2R)bw[V34k], Duox[Cy] bw[V34k]
4 In(2LR)bw[V1] 380 px[1] bw[1] mr[1] sp[1]/In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] bw[V1]
5 In(2R)bw[VDe1] 670 v[1]; In(2R)bw[VDe1], bw[VDe1]/SM1
6 In(2LR)bw[V1] 689 In(2L)Cy, In(2R)Cy, Duox[Cy] sp[2]/In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] dpy[ov1] b[1] bw[V1]; DcxF/In(3R)Mo, Sb[1] sr[1]
7 In(2LR)bw[V1] 742 Df(2R)rl10a, lt[1] rl[10a] cn[1]/In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] bw[V1]
8 In(2R)bw[VDe2L]Cy[R] 749 In(2R)bw[VDe2L]Cy[R]/In(2LR)Gla, wg[Gla-1]
9 In(2LR)bw[V1] 1580 In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] bw[V1]/SM5
10 In(2R)bw[VDe2] 1582 In(2LR)Gla, wg[Gla-1] PPO1[Bc]/In(2R)bw[VDe2], bw[VDe2]
11 In(2LR)bw[V32g] 2471 Df(2R)M60E/In(2LR)bw[V32g], bw[V32g]
12 In(2LR)bw[V1] 3133 Df(2L)dp-79b, dpy[DA] cn[1]/In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] b[1] bw[V1]
13 In(2LR)bw[V1] 3170 In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] l(2)DTS18WF[1] bw[V1]/CyO
14 In(2LR)bw[V1] 3705 T(2;3)CyO-TM9, CyO: TM9, l(3)DTS4[1]/In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] bw[V1]; H[1]
15 In(2LR)bw[V1] 4253 T(2;3)A1-W, In(2L)Cy, In(2R)Cy, Duox[Cy] L[1]: TM2/T(2;3)Ubx[B18], In(2LR)bw[V1], bw[V1] Sb[1] Ubx[B18]
16 In(2LR)bw[V1] 4525 Ruf[1]/In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] bw[V1]
17 In(2LR)lt[G16L]bw[V32gR] 7258 Df(2R)bw-WI366, cn[1] P{w[+t11.7] ry[+t7.2]=wA}3-1/In(2LR)lt[G16L]bw[V32gR], bw[V32g]
18 In(2LR)lt[G16L]bw[V32gR] 7261 w[1118]; Df(2R)bw-WI3121 cn[1] P{w[+t11.7] ry[+t7.2]=wA}3-1/In(2LR)lt[G16L]bw[V32gR], bw[V32g]
19 In(2LR)lt[G16L]bw[V32gR] 7262 Df(2R)bw-WI3128, cn[1]/In(2LR)lt[G16L]bw[V32gR], bw[V32g]
20 In(2LR)bw[V1] 8500 In(2L)Cy, In(2R)Cy, Duox[Cy] sp[2]/In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] dpy[ov1] b[1] bw[V1]; Lcp65Ab1[Rho]
21 In(2LR)bw[V1] 9489 w[*]; In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] dpy[ov1] b[1] bw[V1]/CyO, P{w[+mC]=tubP-GAL80}OV2
22 In(2LR)bw[V1] 9493 w[*]; CyO/In(2LR)bw[V1], ds[33k] dpy[ov1] b[1] bw[V1]; CxD/TM6B, Tb[1]
23 In(2LR)lt[G16L]bw[V32gR] 36569 Df(2R)or-BR6, cn[1] bw[1] sp[1]/In(2LR)lt[G16L]bw[V32gR], bw[V32g]
24 Dp(?;2)bw[D] 42666 Fs(2)Ket[1] lt[1] bw[1]/Dp(?;2)bw[D], S[1] wg[Sp-1] Ms(2)M[1] bw[D]/CyO

Rearrangements causing variegated expression of other genes

In the case of 'unknown vital gene', the juxtaposition of an unknown euchromatic gene with heterochromatin causes lethality of XO males, but not XY males.

For 'X chromosome puffing', the X chromosome is hypertranscribed in some salivary gland nuclei but not others.

  Gene affected Symbol Stk # Genotype
1 X chromosome puffing In(1)B[M2] 774 In(1)B[M2], In(1)f[B15], B[M2]
2 rst In(1)rst[3] 788 In(1)rst[3], y[1] car[1]
3 lt T(1;2)lt 832 T(1;2)lt/In(2L)Cy, In(2R)Cy, Duox[Cy]
4 Pu T(2;3)Pu[W] 873 T(2;3)Pu[W], Pu[W]/In(3LR)C3x
5 Sb T(2;3)Sb[V] 878 T(2;3)Sb[V], In(3R)Mo, Sb[1] sr[1]/TM3, Ser[1]
6 f Dp(1;1)f[+ih] 996 Dp(1;1)f[+ih], Df(1)os[1], f[5] upd1[os-1]
7 unknown vital gene T(1;2)l-v25 3817 T(1;2)l-v25, y[1]/FM6
8 unknown vital gene T(1;3)l-v455 3830 T(1;3)l-v455, y[1]/FM6
9 y In(1)y[3P] 4246 In(1)y[3P]; Su(y[3P])[1]/Me[1]
10 B Dp(1;Y)B[SCV] 4298 Dp(1;Y)B[SCV], y[+]/Inscy
11 pn In(1LR)pn2a 6030 In(1LR)pn2a, Vinc[1]/FM7c, sn[+]/Dp(1;Y)B[S]
12 lacZ In(3L)BL1 57370 y[1] w[*]; In(3L)BL1, P{w[enh]=HS-lacZ.scs}65E/TM3, Ser[1]
13 w In(3L)BL1 57370 y[1] w[*]; In(3L)BL1, P{w[enh]=HS-lacZ.scs}65E/TM3, Ser[1]
14 lacZ Dp(3;Y)BL2 57371 y[1] w[*]/Dp(3;Y)BL2, P{w[enh]=HS-lacZ.scs}65E
15 w Dp(3;Y)BL2 57371 y[1] w[*]/Dp(3;Y)BL2, P{w[enh]=HS-lacZ.scs}65E