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Attached-X variants at Bloomington
The following table shows all the attached-X chromosomes present in Bloomington stocks with their visible marker mutations. For each chromosome, we have listed at least one example stock. A complete list of attached-X stocks in the Bloomington collection is given here.

An introduction to attached-X chromosomes provides an overview of these chromosomes.

In the following genotypes, "0" is used to indicate the absence of a free Y chromosome. This should be considered our best guess. Several stocks donated with "0" in the genotype have been found to carry a free Y chromosome, so you should test for the absence of a free Y in any attached-X stock you obtain. (The X0 male progeny of X^X/0 females crossed to normal males will be sterile and will have crystalline inclusions in their spermatocytes.) All C(1)DX stocks carry a free Y.
  Stk # Compound X chr Genotype
1 56 C(1)A, y[1] ac[Hw-49c]/C(1)A, y[1]
2 1954 C(1)A, y[1] C(1)A, y[1]/Y/FM0
3 64 C(1)DX, y[1] f[1] lz[3]/C(1)DX, y[1] f[1]
4 66 C(1)DX, y[1] f[1] lz[36]/C(1)DX, y[1] f[1]
5 117 C(1)DX, y[1] f[1] sn[36a]/C(1)DX, y[1] f[1]
6 4300 C(1)DX, y[1] f[1] Bx[0] Dp(1;Y)B[S]w[+]y[+]/C(1)DX, y[1] f[1] Bx[0]/y[1] w[a]
7 17 C(1)DX, y[1] w[1] f[1] Bx[3]/C(1)DX, y[1] w[1] f[1]
8 1163 C(1)DX, y[1] w[1] f[1] ec[1] cv[1] ct[6] t[1]/C(1)DX, y[1] w[1] f[1]
9 1018 C(1)M3, y[1] C(1)M3, y[1]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; P{ry[+t7.2]=A92}tsh[i71]; ca[1] awd[K]
10 38416 C(1)M3, y[2] C(1)M3, y[2]/C(1;Y)1, y[1]/0
11 59968 C(1)M3, y[2] C(1)M3, y[2]/FM7a/Y; Pin[Yt]/CyO
12 4153 C(1)M3, y[2] bb[-] y[1] VhaAC39-1[cho-1] w[a] B[1] Zw[n1]/C(1)M3, y[2] bb[-]; sna[Sco]/CyO
13 988 C(1)M4, y[1] FM7a/Y/C(1)M4, y[1]
14 1394 C(1)M4, y[1] C(1;Y)1, In(1)dl-49, y[1] pn[62] v[Of] f[1]/0/C(1)M4, y[1]
15 995 C(1)M4, y[2] C(1;Y)3, In(1)FM7, w[1] m[2]/0/C(1)M4, y[2]
16 1277 C(1)M4, y[2] cm[1] ct[6] v[1] m[74f]/C(1)M4, y[2]
17 1408 C(1)M4, y[2] C(1)M4, y[2]; Diap1[1] st[1] cp[1] in[1] kni[ri-1] Kg[V] Ki[1] p[p]/TM3, Sb[1] Ser[1]
18 2000 C(1)M4, y[2] C(1)M4, y[2]/Y & C(1;Y)6, w[1118]/Y
19 5279 C(1)M5 Df(1)JC70/Dp(1;Y)dx[+]5, y[+]/C(1)M5
20 1305 C(1)RA, cin[1] y[1] C(1)RA, cin[1] y[1]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]/cin[1] y[1] w[1]
21 35532 C(1)RA, l(1)1Ac[1], sc[J1] sc[8] C(1)RA, In(1)sc[J1], In(1)sc[8], l(1)1Ac[1], sc[J1] sc[8]/winscy/Dp(1;Y)y[+]
22 3924 C(1)RA, v[1] f[1] C(1)RA, v[1] f[1]/C(1;YL)C2, y[1] cv[1] v[1] f[1] car[1] bb[-]/C(YS)1
23 1469 C(1)RM Dp(2;Y)cb50, Dp(1;Y)B[S]Yy[+], B[+]/C(1)RM; Df(2L)J39/In(2L)Cy, Duox[Cy]
24 9460 C(1)RM C(1)RM/C(1;Y)6, y[1] w[1] f[1]/0
25 2510 C(1)RM, ras[l1] C(1;Y)2, y[1] B[1]/0 & C(1)RM, ras[l1]/0
26 4488 C(1)RM, sc[1] v[1] f[1] C(1)RM, sc[1] v[1] f[1]/C(1;YS)1, f[1]/Df(YS)st
27 43329 C(1)RM, y[1] P{w[+mC]=ninaE-Cpn.GFP}5, w[*]/C(1)RM, y[1]
28 4879 C(1)RM, y[1] bb[*] y[1] mei-218[6-7]/C(1)RM, y[1] bb[*]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; Sb[1]/TM6
29 33060 C(1)RM, y[1] B[1]: y[1] C(1)RM, y[1] B[1]: y[1]/sd[1] vb[1] f[1]
30 3710 C(1)RM, y[1] pn[1] C(1;Y)2, y[1] P{w[+mC]=lacW}elav[5-45fD] w[*] P{lacW}ogre[5-45fP] P{lacW}3-52d P{lacW}3-76a: y[+]/0/C(1)RM, y[1] pn[1]
31 4248 C(1)RM, y[1] pn[1] v[1] C(1)RM, y[1] pn[1] v[1]/C(1;Y)1, y[1] B[1]/0; sv[spa-pol]
32 16 C(1)RM, y[1] P{lacW}elav[5-45fD] w[*] P{lacW}ogre[5-45fP] P{lacW}3-52d P{lacW}3-76a C(1)RM, y[1] P{w[+mC]=lacW}elav[5-45fD] w[*] P{lacW}ogre[5-45fP] P{lacW}3-52d P{lacW}3-76a/0/C(1;Y)13, v[1] f[1]
33 5270 C(1)RM, y[1] shi[1] f[1] Df(1)19, f[1]/C(1)RM, y[1] shi[1] f[1]; Dp(1;Y)shi[+]3, y[+]
34 2549 C(1)RM, y[1] v[1] C(1;Y)1, y[1] cv[1] v[1] B[1]/0 & C(1)RM, y[1] v[1]/0
35 3752 C(1)RM, y[1] v[1] C(1)RM, y[1] v[1]/0/C(1;Y)129-16, y[2] y[+] su(w[a])[1] w[a]
36 1612 C(1)RM, y[1] v[1] bb[1] C(1)RM, y[1] v[1] bb[1]/0; C(4)RM, ci[1] ey[R]/0 & C(1;Y)1, v[1] f[1] B[1]/0; C(4)RM, ci[1] ey[R]/0
37 3927 C(1)RM, y[1] v[1] f[1] Df(1)C1/C(1)RM, y[1] v[1] f[1]/Dp(1;Y)mal[+]
38 3216 C(1)RM, y[1] v[1] f[1] mal[1] Df(1)mal17, In(1)sc[S1L]sc[8R]/C(1)RM, y[1] v[1] f[1] mal[1]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]mal[106], mal[106]
39 899 C(1)RM, y[1] v[1] f[1] mal[2] Df(1)mal3, y[2] ct[6] f[1]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]mal[106], mal[106]/C(1)RM, y[1] v[1] mal[2]
40 35 C(1)RM, y[1] w[1] f[1] dor[4]/C(1)RM, y[1] w[1] f[1]
41 36513 C(1)RM, y[2] Df(1)ED6584, P{w[+mW.ScerFRT.hs3]=3'.RS5+3.3'}ED6584 w[1118]/Dp(1;Y)BSC75, y[+] P{w[+mW.ScerFRT.hs3]=3'.RS5+3.3'}BSC3, B[S]/C(1)RM, y[2]
42 700 C(1)RM, y[2] su(w[a])[1] w[a] C(1;Y)1, y[1] v[1] f[1] B[1]: y[+]/C(1)RM, y[2] su(w[a])[1] w[a]