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Machado-Joseph Disease
Machado-Joseph Disease (MJD, aka Spinocerebellar Ataxia 3 or SCA3) is a progressive disorder characterized by loss of motor coordination, spasticity, and impaired eye movements. MJD is one of several diseases caused by an increase in the number of CAG repeats within the coding region of the disease gene (in this case the ataxin-3/MJD gene) and subsequent translation of those repeats into an expanded polyglutamine (polyQ) tract in the protein. Fly stocks in the Bloomington collection that can be used to study MJD are listed here.

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Relevant gene in stock Fly disease model or related mutation or transgene Stk # Comments
      Human ataxin-3 (ATXN3)
      general polyglutamine (polyQ)-containing stocks
20 Qs P{UAS-ZzzzCAG.20Q}3 30549 Expresses a C-terminally HA-tagged 20 amino acid polyglutamine tract flanked N-terminally by 8 non-glutamine aa and C-terminally by 13 non-glutamine aa under UAS control.
41 Qs P{UAS-41Q.HA}3 30540 Expresses a C-terminally HA-tagged 41 amino acid polyglutamine tract under UAS control.
48 Qs P{UAS-Q48.myc/flag}42 51674 Expresses 48 glutamines tagged with FLAG and Myc.
63 Qs P{UAS-ZzzzCAG.63Q}2 30544 Expresses a C-terminally HA-tagged 63 amino acid polyglutamine tract under UAS control.