Fluorescent proteins
Updated December 30, 2016
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Links to lists of fluorescent proteins, fluor-tagged fusion proteins, fluor markers and reporters, and fluor-tagged balancers can be found in the chart below. We also provide links to lists of stocks that can be used to knockdown fluors or fluor-tagged proteins.
fluor-tagged Rab proteins
Pfeiffer lines
UAS - sorted by color
TIE-DYE lines for marking clones
Raeppli lines for marking clones
UAS - special function fluors
G-TRACE lines for cell lineage analysis
QUAS - sorted by color
QUAS - special function fluors
fluors expressed everywhere
non-(Q)UAS - sorted by promoter
fluor-tagged chemosensory proteins
non-(Q)UAS - sorted by color
non-(Q)UAS - special function fluors
Fly-FUCCI cell cycle indicators
STaR lines for tsgging pre- and post-synaptic termini
all fluor-tagged proteins
all tagged proteins under non-native control
all tagged proteins under native control
tagged transcription factor lines
all fluor protein trap lines
protein trap lines from FlyTrap
fluor markers and reporters
MiMIC-based RMCE protein trap lines
Hostile takeover protein trap lines
EYFP- and myc-tagged Rabs
fluorescent balancers
RNAi lines for fluors fluor iGFPi